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Fuel Transfer Systems

Velath has been the pioneer in the supply of Fuel Transfer Systems for auxiliary power generation for everything from residential and commercial buildings, to large-scale construction projects. Our Fuel Transfer Systems solutions set the benchmark in the industry, and these systems are found in the most iconic projects in the region, in sectors ranging from hospitality to hospitals to commercial complexes and business parks. Velath is the undisputed regional leader in the supply of advanced Fuel Transfer Systems.

Diked Tanks

Our immensely popular diked tanks can be designed to our widely accepted Velath standard specification or be built to and tested in accordance with the rigorous UL-142 specification for Aboveground Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids. Our diked tanks are commonly used for everything from fuel and oil storage to water and backup generator systems, and offer a very cost-effective alternative to dual-wall aboveground storage tanks.

Cement silos

Velath is an industry-leader in the manufacture of atmospheric and high-pressure cement silos. These rugged vessels can be made to both ASME Sec VIII Div. 01 code or to GEP. Hundreds of our silos can be found in construction sites, where they store the aggregates for batch mixers. Our ASME coded cement silos, normally called P-Tanks are shipped to a vast majority of off-shore and onshore rigs in the region.

Fuel-dispensing Units

Velath has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed its transportable independent fuel dispensing systems for diesel, aviation fuels and gasoline dispensing operations. The units meet or exceed recognized industry codes and standards certifications (primarily Underwriter’s Laboratories’ UL –142 specifications). We also meet or exceed EPA environmental protection standards.

Lubricant Storage Tanks

Velath’s multi-purpose lubrication and used oil tanks are excellent for use in areas where maximum use of storage and work space is needed. These UL-142 compliant tanks are constructed of high-quality steel with heavy duty work surfaces and equipped to accommodate hose reel, pump, gauge, and fill cap accessories.

Double-walled Tanks

Our robust double-walled rectangular tanks are built to UL-142 specifications. Every double-walled tank provides 110% secondary containment. Additionally, we can also make both rectangular and cylindrical double-walled tanks to GEP and other customer-specific designs.

Chemical Storage Tanks

As a leader in environmentally safe products for fluid storage, Velath continues to be at the forefront of changing technology and innovative designs for chemically sensitive applications. Our Chemical Storage Tanks provide unsurpassed storage and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous, flammable and combustible fluids including Ethanol, and find applications in industries as varied as cement companies to paint manufacturing facilities. Our alloy materials and unique manufacturing process are especially advantageous for storing potentially hazardous materials.