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The Engineering Department of Velath has in-depth industry knowledge and experience with Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food & Water process technologies, and demonstrate their competence regularly by providing customized, value-added and cost-effective solutions to clients by the utilization of leading edge technologies and best practices. However, as a socially responsible organization, Velath always strives to ensure that technologies and resources are always deigned to comply with current and anticipated environmental regulations, so that our clients and end-users secure maximum productivity with minimized ecological footprint. We see our role not as a manufacturer, but as technology provider.

Our capabilities include:

  • Pressure Vessels: ASME Sec VIII DIV I & II, PD 5500 & Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Boilers: ASME Sec I, IBR
  • Shell & Tubes Heat Exchangers: TEMA, ASME Sec VIII DIV I, PD 5500 & PED
  • Storage Tanks: API 650, API 620, BS EN 14015, AWWA D.100 and Rectangular Tanks to GEP
  • Stacks (Chimneys): BS 4076 & BS BS449
  • Structures BS 5950 BS 449