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As a specialized manufacturing company, Velath offers mobile containment solutions where there is extensive multi-discipline engineering engagement. This is precisely why our Mobile Containment Solutions Team offers products that stand out for the engineering excellence, manufacturing superiority and operational use. For all our products, right from custom-designed vacuum tankers, to frac tanks to edible oil tankers, our Engineering Department uses 3D design and Autocad weights and dimension programs before we finalize the design of each unit. The end result is that you get the best payload and the highest quality product that is available on the market today.

Jetting Units

Velath offers the best range of specialist high-pressure jetting and sewage cleaning tankers available in the region, all purpose designed to meet all your specific requirements of canal and sewage line cleaning. Additionally, our combination of vacuum/jet equipment is a very versatile solution for municipal operators for their sewer systems’ cleaning and maintenance purposes. Our tankers can be customized for multifunctional combination units that includes low, medium and high-volume combination usage, all of which deliver outstanding operating performance.

Vacuum Tanker

For clients that require versatility and customization, Velath is the best choice for their vacuum tanker requirements. Purpose- designed, every unit is different. Suitable for all types of rigid or semi-trailer chassis, tipping or non-tipping, they can be manufactured from stainless and carbon steel, and supplied with or without jetting. Customers are also assured that they are built to the highest relevant standards, including the requirements of ADR/hazardous and non-hazardous products.

Fuel Tanker

Velath is a leader in the supply of custom-manufactured Fuel Tankers, that are designed for durable and reliable performance. Featuring precision fabricated body, our tankers are equipped with a host of unique features and accessories that result in genuine value-addition to clients and end-users. Velath offers both standardized options, that offers cost-effective solutions to clients, and also customized designs to our clients’ specific requirements.

Accessories include bulk transfer pumps, flow meters, hose reels and computer register equipment.

Edible Oil Tankers

Velath is a premier provider of high quality custom engineered equipment for the transport of edible products. From our very first trailer mounted stainless steel tanks to the latest equipment with proprietary functionality, our team has partnered with our customers to deliver solutions to their specific needs. Our tankers come with a multitude of options, including truck-mounted heating equipment for food items like ghee, and advanced controls for monitoring and fluid temperature management.

Frac Tanks

Velath provides best-in-class frac tanks for onsite storage and separation of contaminated wastewaters. These have been specially designed to handle the need for keeping heavy mud and completion fluids in suspension. Our Frac tanks can also be configured to be used in conjunction with pumps, filters, dewatering units and vacuum boxes as part of a large-scale project.